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LINDEMANN EtaPress Metal Balers
Lindemann EtaPress Balers

LINDEMANN EtaPress Scrap Metal Baler LINDEMANN
EtaPress Scrap Metal Baler

Triple-acting baler setting new standards in efficiency

LINDEMANN EtaPress balers set new standards in terms of operating safety, flexibility, and operating costs.

They have a unique technological concept and easy-to-use, intelligent HMI. The EtaPress stands out on account of the same properties that have distinguished the brand for more than 100 years: quality, durability, and resilience.

Setting new
standards in

The EtaPress has achieved a processing speed that is unsurpassed on the market at maximum availability – also in 24/7 use. At the same time, it stands for enormously high process reliability and resilience – premium quality that seeks its equal on the market in vain. It effortlessly processes a wide range of scrap: from car body parts of various qualities, sheet metal and profile scrap to mixed scrap, cables, wires, cans, etc.

  • Bale dimensions: 250 x 250 mm
    to 600 x 600 mm
  • Feed box volumes of 0.9 to 19 m³
  • Throughput/hour up to 59 t
  • No-load cycle times as fast as 25 seconds
  • Specific pressure 2,063 to 2,749 N/cm2
  • Maintenance friendly due to intelligent monitoring and easy accessibility


To win

All features of the LINDEMANN product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability

Triple action for best results

The LINDEMANN EtaPress has three-sided compaction with a hydraulic operating pressure of up to 350 bar. The optimized construction of the compression chamber made of smooth, thick plates for the EtaPress 22 to 44, and the design of the compression units with their adjustable mechanical stops, provide greater stability, durability, and operating safety under adverse operating conditions.

Increased uptime

The contact-free positioning system of the LINDEMANN EtaPress not only provides optimized cylinder control, but also bypasses the frequent interruptions caused by dirt or falling scrap disrupting limit or proximity switches.

Impressive peak performance

Load monitoring and optional energy-saving settings result in favorable energy consumption and low operating costs. The short cycle times of the EtaPress produce higher output relative to the installed power, thanks to the clever control system with oil transfer and hydraulic separation of the pump flows to move several cylinders at the same time.

Improved efficiency

LINDEMANN EtaPress offers high efficiency and, above all, high bale density. The baler processes an extensive range of scrap, ranging from car body stamping scrap, high-strength plates, thin sheet wastes, trimmings or cuttings through to cables, wires, long turnings or even mixed scrap, so that these materials can be recycled efficiently.


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


  • The generously dimensioned press box is loaded with material
  • C1 presses the material horizontally into the baling zone any protruding material is cut off


  • C2 compacts the material vertically


  • C3 compacts from the side and forms the bale
  • The door opens and C3 pushes the bale out of the baling chamber

Central oil lubrication

Standard central oil lubrication with an optimum number of lubrication points. Lubrication distribution takes into account the compactors, the door, the blades*, and the press box floor*.
*Not for bale size 600 x 600 mm

V-shaped blades

V-shaped blades with clearance angle and active lubrication for more reliable and efficient cutting.

Wear plates

Wear plates with a corrugated profile ensure safety against jamming. All wear plates can be replaced even when compactors 1 and 2 are installed.

Robust thick-plate

Robust thick-plate press box with proven high strength and rigidity allows easy accessibility for maintenance and offer cleaner surfaces compared to a design with stiffening ribs.*
*Not for bale size 600 x 600 mm

Hydraulic control block

Hydraulic control block with integrated oil drip tray. Easily accessible from all sides.

Pre-tensioned tie rods

Pre-tensioned tie rods to absorb the forces during baling. The press box thus remains free of dynamic forces.

Bent high pressure piping

Bent high pressure piping, thus reducing flow resistance and increasing the service life of the piping.

Key-way connections

Key-way connections of the press box elements enable a long service life for the structure.

Horizontal door

The horizontal, generously dimensioned door with lubrication and a self-cleaning steel guide enables smaller installation dimensions and better accessibility for the door cylinder. In addition, the door is equipped with profiled wear plates to increase process reliability.

Cylinder heads

Easy-to-dismantle cylinder heads for faster maintenance

Integrated measuring system

Integrated contactless position measuring system in all cylinders for optimised motion control and less maintenance compared to limit switches.

compactor 1

The top of compactor 1 is fitted with replaceable wear plates.

Extra-long guides

Extra-long guides and adjustable fixed stops for exact end positioning, even in the case of wear

Reinforced compactor

Reinforced and braced compactor ends provide more stability and rigidity, preventing the compactor body from warping during the baling process.


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