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Metal Balers

Scrap metal balers designed for scrap yards and processing steel, aluminum, copper and other metals

The ever-changing demands of the scrap processing industry require a bigger choice of solutions capable of meeting specific capacity needs. LINDEMANN's wide range of scrap metal balers is designed for scrap yards and various industrial applications processing steel, aluminum, copper and other metals in variable shapes and sizes.

Lindemann EtaPress Metal Balers Lindemann EtaPress Metal Balers
Triple-acting Balers

Metal Baler

LINDEMANN EtaPress hydraulic metal baler is a scrap metal baler which operates with a three-sided compaction with a hydraulic operating pressure of up to 350 bars. The optimized construction of the compression chamber is made of smooth thick plates for the EtaPress 22 to 44 and the design of the compression units with their adjustable mechanical stops. They provide more stability and durability as well as operation safety under adverse operating conditions.

Lindemann  N-Series NLB lid-style balers Lindemann  N-Series NLB lid-style balers
Lid-style balers

N-Series NLB
Metal Baler

N-Series NLB lid-style hydraulic metal baler is known for ability to process a variety of materials including factory clips, skeletons, sheet, steel cans, stampings, shapes, wire, tubing and white goods. The lid-type baler is ideally suited for bailing voluminous or wear intensive scrap. NLB lid-style balers are most often utilized in scrap yards and industrial applications.

Lindemann  N-Series NTB triple balers Lindemann  N-Series NTB triple balers
Triple Balers

N-Series NTB
Metal Baler

The NTB metal baler is used both in scrap yards as well as in regular operation in recycling companies. The sturdy design permits compression of stamping waste, sheet metal, cans, light profiles, wires and thin-walled pipes. Oversized scrap piece are automatically cut by the integrated blades. Due to the triple baling and short cycle time, it is used everywhere where scrap has to be efficiently pressed into compact bales.

Metal baler field services

Over the years, wear and aging causes risks resulting in possible machine failures. With LINDEMANN´s inspections and maintenance planning services you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep the machines in top shape. In addition to inspections, we also offer repair, refurbishment, and troubleshooting services of your baler.

Metal baler training services

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is vital to ensure optimum scrap baler operational skills. Training brings enhanced employee motivation and higher productivity through better utilization of all Metso metal recycling equipment features. This supports proper installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment, as well as improved knowledge of product-related safety and environmental issues.

Metal baler performance services

LINDEMANN is your partner in enhancing equipment performance through the best practices. The performance services offering covers for example equipment upgrades to improve availability, performance, and operations.

Metal baler project and engineering services

We assist with professional support right from the beginning of the baler life-cycle, during improvement investments, and in modernization or relocation projects.

Metal baler wear and spare parts

Metal Recycling Services

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