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N-SERIES NIS Scrap Metal Shears
N-Series NIS Scrap Shears

NIS Scrap Shear

Robust, reliable, efficient inclined shear with easy installation

N-SERIES NIS inclined shears provide efficient shearing solutions using reliable technology, robust designs, and gravity-fed simplicity.

Self-contained N-Series NIS inclined shears are gravity fed metal shears with fully automatic operation. They are easy to install and especially suited for overlength feed stock and processing re-bar.

Inclined Shear with up to 1,575 t shearing force

With its inclined feeding bed and fully automated cutting cycle, these inclined shears are the perfect machine for shredding rods, pipes, profiles and other long material. A generously dimensioned feed box with live floor facilitate filling and feeding more difficult material. Powerful side clamps and a powerful stamper pre-compress the scrap to dimensions suitable for cutting. A hydraulically adjustable retention flap controls the cutting length of the material.

  • 630 – 1,575 t shearing force
  • 125 – 315 t stamper force
  • 900 – 1,115 blade width
  • 6,000 - 11,500 mm box length
  • 105 – 315 t side compression force
  • Throughput/hour up to 60 t
  • Fully automatic cutting function: no shear operator required


For Scrap

All features of the N-SERIES product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability

Easy operation & installation

Where you need it ... When you need it!

The field-proven high production gravity-fed shear is the popular choice for both small and large market operators, and niche industries around the globe.
  • Fully automatic operation is the distinctive feature of this system compared to wing-style shears
  • Self-contained shear with hydraulic power unit and electrical controls packaged on a common base frame*
  • Large volume charge chute
  • Charge box with moving floor
  • Fully automatic - no operator required
  • Router for diagnostics
  • Lifting jack option (certain models)

* except for larger units

Durable & service

Increase performance ... Reduce downtime!

Engineered, manufactured, and fully tested in state-of-the-art facilities for reliable performance, ease of maintenance, and long-term operation.
  • Shearing force range from 630 to 1,575 tonnes
  • Robust design
  • Highly wear-resistant replaceable liners
  • Service support available globally
  • Local spare parts inventory


Reduce costs ... Create value!

Especially suited for feeding long materials, the NIS efficiently processes large bulky materials as well as bundled rebar.
  • Inclined (gravity feed)
  • Dual side clamps
  • Stepped stamper
  • Continuously variable shearing length
  • Fast cycle times through high-efficiency hydraulic design


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


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