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Metal Briquetters

Briquetting presses to compress loose metal chips

Briquetters, or briquetting presses as they are also called, are metal recycling machines that compress loose metal chips into compact briquettes that are easy to handle and efficiently to be melted. LINDEMANN's briquetters offering consists of two ranges, LINDEMANN EtaBriq briquetters and N-Series NSP briquetters.

Lindemann  EtaBriq Metal Briquetters Lindemann  EtaBriq Metal Briquetters
High-performance briquetting presses

EtaBriq Metal Briquetters

LINDEMANN EtaBriq briquetters are high-performance briquetting presses, designed to process large quantities of chips, both in the metal processing and the recycling industries. Featuring a unique double-sided pressing technology, LINDEMANN EtaBriq is often used with steel, copper, aluminium and brass, but it can also be utilized when briquetting grinding sludge, mixed with chips.

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