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LINDEMANN ZM Metal Crushers
Lindemann ZM Electronic Scrap Shredder

ZM Metal Crusher

Electronic Waste Shredder for selective pre- and recrushing of metal scrap

The ZM shredders are built for selective pre- and postshredding of metal scrap and electronis scrap in a multitude of applications.

LINDEMANN ZM metal crushers are efficient, low-maintenance metal processing equipment. Most often used in scrap yards and other metal recycling applications to process metal WEEE scrap, LINDEMANN ZM machines can process aluminium scrap, electronic scrap and various types of steel scrap.

sturdy and
very efficient.

They offer impressive performance, with good material breakup at favorable specific energy consumption and maximum availability. At the same time, the ZM shredders are easy to maintain and resistant to unshreddables.

  • 250 to 370 kW drive power
  • Throughput/hour up to 25 t
  • Available in two sizes
  • Rotor size (impact circle diameter) 1,500 mm
  • Top loader design
  • Individual speed control of the capped rotor


White goods

All features of the LINDEMANN product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability

Optimum double-grid / anvil combination This design helps to reduce power consumption and increases throughput at the same time.
Rotor lifting device
To facilitate access to the base section of the machine, the rotor can be lifted together with the center part of the housing.
Hydraulic removal of coarse pieces Unshreddable parts are removed during the shredding process without interruption – and without crossing the material flow.
Hydraulic pin puller
Facilitates and speeds up exchange of the hammers and hammer pins. This feature is optional.
Effective wear and maintenance prevention
The costs for wear and maintenance are kept to an absolute miniumum by:
  • the tiltable housing
  • the special wear protection of housing parts subject to heavy loads
  • the design and arrangement of wear protection elements
  • the nature and arrangement of their fixtures.


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


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