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LINDEMANN EtaBriq Metal Briquetters
Lindemann EtaBriq Metal Briquetters

LINDEMANN EtaBriq Metal Briquetter LINDEMANN
EtaBriq Metal Briquetter

High-performance double ram briquetting press for processing nearly all types of metal chips

LINDEMANN EtaBriq briquetters are high-performance briquetting presses and fastest press on the market

Fully automated LINDEMANN briquetting presses, featuring horizontal briquetting and pre-tensioned tie rods, are today's drivers of innovation. They are designed to process large quantities of chips, both in the metal processing and the recycling industries. They are often used in processing steel, copper, aluminium and brass but can also be utilized when briquetting grinding sludge, mixed with chips.

World’s swarf press number one

Incorporating over 70 years of experience in its design, the EtaBriq is one of the most efficient swarf presses on the market. It processes steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and brass swarf, in addition to grinding sludge, chips, and other materials. Due to its special double-sided compaction technology, it produces extremely dense briquettes of superior quality with a production capacity of up to 9.8 t/h.

  • Briquette diameter of 140 to 220 mm
  • Throughput/hour 500 to 9,800 kg
  • Cycle times as fast as 8.5 seconds
  • Specific pressure 18,300 to 41,100 N/cm2
  • Automatic compliance with specified briquette length due to integrated control system


To the Max

All features of the LINDEMANN product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability

Automatically maintains the briquette length with its integrated control system

Double-sided compaction reduces friction losses when compacting the chips. This resultsin briquettes with a consistently high density.

Uniformly high compaction of briquettes for superior product quality

Easy-to-change tools and dies made of wear resistant steel ensure reliable, cost-efficient operation of the press.

Robust, durable design for optimum service life

Useful accessories such as the piston cleaner and spraying device increase press availability under appropriate operating conditions.


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


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