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N-SERIES NBS Scrap Metal Shears
N-Series NBS Box Shears

NBS Scrap Shear

Compact Box Shear

N-SERIES NBS compact box shears offer easy installation and robust design for processing a variety of scrap, from rebar to auto bodies.

N-Series NBS box shears are compact, robust and reliable horizontal scrap shears. As one single unit that is easy to transport and install, they are ideal for small scrap processors, remote job sites or temporary demolition sites. NBS shears can process miscellaneous material including sheet metal scrap, ELV auto bodies, skeletal scrap, rebar, pipe, profiles and selected heavy melting steel (HMS).

Small, agile
and biting!

The compact box-type design of the NBS shears makes it an ideal partner when it comes to providing cutting capacities spontaneously, independently and flexibly. It is ideally suitable for cutting light scrap, rod material, production waste, sheet metal but also car bodies. The horizontally guided blade slides with the compactor unit above it can be operated in automatic mode, meaning that no great experience is required in operating the shears.

  • 410 t and 820 t shearing force
  • 125 t and 195 t compression force
  • 1,500 mm blade width
  • 2,500 mm feed opening
  • Throughput/hour up to 25 t
  • Electric or autonomous diesel drive
  • Economic automatic mode
  • Small footprint required
  • Fast set-up at the operating site


Out of
the box

All features of the N-SERIES product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability


Where you need it ... When you need it!

Designed as a compact unit that is easy to transport and install, this horizontal scrap shear is ideal for small scrap processors, remote job sites, and temporary demolition sites.
  • Small space requirements for operation
  • Quick installation – no permanent foundation required
  • Simple transport – just load onto a low-bed trailer, with optional integrated hydraulic supports also available for lifting the shear independently.
  • Electric or diesel drive option
  • Versatile shear for processing miscellaneous material, including sheet metal, ELV auto bodies, skeletal scrap, rebar, pipe, profiles, and other scrap types.


Increase performance ... Reduce downtime!

Expert engineering, advanced manufacturing, and quality components ensure long-term operation.
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinder moves the horizontal shear blade slide under the compression ram
  • Continuous blade slide movement pushes cut material out of the machine
  • Replaceable wear-resistant liners (material hardness 450)
  • Blades mounted on the front of the blade slide and lower edge of the box front wall effortlessly shear all feed materials.


Reduce Costs ... Create value!

A large hopper and fully automatic processing mode allows material to be fed continuously.
  • Gravity-fed material is guided to the shear blades. The stepped compression unit moves horizontally and functions as pusher-stamper combination
  • Automatic operation eliminates need for dedicated machine operator


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


The NBS compact box shear offers easy installation, robust design and will process a variety of scrap, from rebar to auto bodies. Continuous scrap feed (01). Horizontal stepped stamper moves scrap down and forward at the same time, compressing the material and holding it during shearing (02). Horizontal shear blade moves forward under the compression ram. Blades mounted on the front of the shear blade and at the lower edge of the box front wall cut the material (03). Continuing movement of the shear blade pushes the material out of the box (04).


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