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Lindemann EtaRip pre-shredders
Lindemann EtaRip pre-shredders

EtaRip Pre-Shredder

Reducing risks and noise in metal recycling operations

The LINDEMANN EtaRip Pre-shredder has many advantages.

The application of this pre-shredder greatly reduces the risks of deflagration in the car shredder. This is done by tearing the material apart slowly instead of with high-speed impact. Its efficient pre-processing ensures that the main shredder can operate with high availability and optimized performance, evenly loaded and with significantly reduced accumulated wear compared to a facility that runs without a pre-shredder. Consequently, the EtaRip ensures optimal shredder utilization.

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LINDEMANN EtaRip pre-shredders will process various types of metal bales and end-of-life vehicles for more efficient shredding. Utilizing a pre-shredder minimizes the risk of deflagration, improves the performance of the shredder and its downstream separation process, reduces maintenance, and increases lifetime of common wear parts.

Working Principle

The LINDEMANN EtaRip pre-shredder features a two-part tiltable housing with an articulated flipper integrated inside the lower housing. A high-speed and a low-speed rotor ensure uniform separation of the material, while plummer block bearings support the rotors. The avoidance of a gear box in the direct drive system also eliminates the possibility of load cycle-related problems, ensuring superior uptime for your operations.

  • 405 and 632 kW drive power
  • Throughput/hour up to 110 t
  • Available in two sizes
  • Efficient pre-shredding of consistently difficult material
  • Sturdy, high torque and wear-free hydraulic drives


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All features of the LINDEMANN product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency and maintainability

Pre-shredding with the EtaRip reduces energy consumption and improves utilization of the shredder.
Pre-shredding enables the shredder to work in a more economical energy range. With this solution you'll be able to make your business grow.
Do you already own small or old shredders? Great! EtaRip is your perfect match as this pre-shredder boosts the performance of your shredder by providing a more homogenized material feed.
The reduced frequency of deflagrations in the shredder and reduced amount of unshreddables in the feed material increases the lifetime of wear parts.
Full-box shredding in the shredder – made possible by the pre-shredder – has a direct influence on the quality of the material.
More continuous and homogeneous fractioning facilitates separation and produces better quality.


In our data sheet you will find an overview of all features and technical data of the product line. This is available for you to download as a PDF file.


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