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Metal crushers

For efficient processing of metal turnings and anodes

Metal crushers are designed to reduce metal scrap to smaller uniform grain size. They are often used in scrap yards, automobile industry, steel mills, aluminum plants or in any application where efficient crushing of metal is required. LINDEMANN's metal crushers offering consists of three families: LINDEMANN ZB and LINDEMANN ZM metal crushers.

Lindemann  ZB Metal Chrushers Lindemann  ZB Metal Chrushers
Turnings crushers

Metal Chrushers

Wear-resistant LINDEMANN ZB turnings crushers process swarfs and turnings made of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, offer optimal throughout capacity and are built to last.

Lindemann  ZM Metal Chrushers Lindemann  ZM Metal Chrushers
Electronic waste shredder

Metal Crushers

LINDEMANN ZM metal crushers are efficient and low-maintenance equipment for electronic scrap, aluminum scrap, light mixed scrap, can scrap, up to white goods and sheared car bodies (slabs).

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