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Lindemann Baler Parts
Lindemann Baler Parts

Baler Parts

Wear and spare parts for your baler

For decades, the development of new LINDEMANN recycling plants has always been accompanied by the development of specifically adapted spare and wear parts. Original LINDEMANN recycling spare and wear parts are developed and tested by us. The durability, efficiency, reliability and cost of our parts are taken into account as early as the product development phase, influencing the choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

Baler wear plate sets

  • State-of-the-art machine parts made of superior abrasion resistant steels are routinely controlled to ensure the tight tolerances specified by our engineering
  • Three different sets for small, intermediate, or complete overhaul
  • Set scopes are designed according to the different wear behavior of the baler
  • Each wear plate set consists of the wear plates which should be changed together to allow an optimal adjustment of the specified clearances while minimizing costs and saving resources
  • Apart from the wear plates, the wear plate sets contain all necessary additional components for the assembly, like screws, nuts, washers, keys, etc.
  • Normally available from stock
  • Blade and shim sets can optionally be included with the corrugated wear plates

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