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Metal Shredders

High-throughput metal shredders for the recycling of metals such as aluminum or end-of-life vehicles

Metal shredders are powerful machines designed to process a wide variety of metal scrap. They are used in scrapyards and metal recycling facilities to quickly reduce scrap metal into a manageable, uniform size and shape, which can then be easily sorted and recycled. The machines typically have a powerful motor powering a blade or hammer which is used to shred the metal into small pieces. Scrap metal can be of any shape or size, and the machines are designed to effectively reduce it into pieces of uniform shape and size, enabling easy separation and further processing. Metal shredders can be used in applications ranging from car recycling to electronics recycling, and make recycling metal much faster and more efficient.

Lindemann  EtaRip Pre-Shredders Lindemann  EtaRip Pre-Shredders
Efficient metal recycling machines


LINDEMANN EtaRip pre-shredders are efficient metal recycling machines utilized especially in scrapyards to reduce and defuse the material before it is fed into the metal shredder. They can process various types of metal waste from miscellaneous scrap to bales and ELVs.

Lindemann ZZ metal shredders Lindemann ZZ metal shredders
For almost all kinds of metal shredding applications

Power Zerdirator

LINDEMANN ZZ Power Zerdirator is a metal recycling shredder to reduce metal waste to clean, dense and small pieces of shredded metal scrap. They can be used in almost all kinds of metal shredding application from classic car shredding to aluminum scrap processing.

Field services for metal shredders

Over the years, wear and aging causes risks resulting in possible machine failures. With LINDEMANN’s inspections and maintenance planning services you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your metal shredder in top shape. In addition to inspections, we also offer repair, refurbishment, and troubleshooting services for your shredders.

Training services for shredder plants

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is essential to ensure optimal operation of the shredders. Training increases the motivation of the employees and increases productivity through better use of all functions of the LINDEMANN metal recycling plants. This supports the proper installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the shredders as well as improving knowledge of product-related safety and environmental issues.

Performance services for your metal shredder

LINDEMANN is your partner when it comes to improving the performance of shredder plants through best practices. The range of services includes, for example, upgrades of shredder plants to improve availability, performance and operation.

Project and engineering services

We assist with professional support right from the beginning of your metal shredder life-cycle, during improvement investments, and in modernization or relocation projects. We have local branches and sales partners for you all around the world. Design your career with LINDEMANN Metal Recycling Solutions

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We have local branches and sales partners for you all around the world.
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