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Thévenaz-Leduc SA relies on SDA from LINDEMANN

Maximizing power utilization with the Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA)

The Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA) extracts every last drop of efficiency from LINDEMANN shredders, maximizing power utilization to deliver what can easily be double-digit percentage energy savings.

As Europe’s only facility for the processing of used Nespresso coffee capsules Thévenaz-Leduc SA is clearly one of the region’s pioneering recycling companies. So, it’s hardly surprising the company was one of the very first adopters of an innovative technology that further reduces energy demands by boosting operational efficiency. An upgrade that is compatible with almost every LINDEMANN shredder in the field today, the LINDEMANN SDA is now routinely producing significant throughput improvements, enabling the upfront cost to be rapidly retrieved.

Amortization in a short period

Attached to the shredder’s controller in just a few hours with negligible modifications being required, this smart feeding device comprises a separate control box and usually one new sensor. Monitored from within the operator’s cabin, it acts rather like a car’s cruise control or airplane’s autopilot, overseeing all essential process variables to optimize feeding for constant, maximize throughput.

“Even if you have an experienced operator, the SDA reduces operating expenses thanks to the system’s ability to deliver full box shredding,” states Daniel Deegener, Senior Product Manager for Shredder Systems, at LINDEMANN. “Shredders are often treated too sympathetically. So, SDA brings the shredder up to its operational limits, maximizing its efficiency but always while monitoring component temperatures and Ampere hours, ensuring it does so safely and with the maximum economy.”

Control in hands of the operator
With the operator poised to manually intervene should the material flow begin to clog, or to remove dangerous items such as gas bottles, the SDA is able to control operation in the most energy-efficient way. “Electricity suppliers usually invoice operators according to the highest peak quarterly, which typically happens when you throw in a baled car – even if that’s the only one you shred all year,” Deegener continues. “By shaving those peaks, a major player like Thévenaz can make huge savings. And if you combine it with an EtaRip pre-shredder that turns at 11-14 rpm, rather than the 480-600 rpm of a typical shredder, those peaks completely disappear.”

As one of LINDEMANN’s most loyal and longstanding Swiss customers, Thévenaz quickly realized the benefits of implementing the SDA on its new ZS 210x260 2000hp shredder.

“It was very much a plug-and-play arrangement, quickly installed so the machine was shredding cars again within a blink of an eye. Of course, especially in this era of high-energy bills, we are never satisfied unless we are operating at maximum efficiency!"
Roger Blesi
Managing Director, Thévenaz-Leduc

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