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Wear and Spare Parts for your Shredder

Wear part quality influences the shredder plant availability and operation costs!

Our shredder wear parts are designed to provide the lowest cost-per-ton and may be produced using different technologies. Backed by decades of experience, LINDEMANN’s experts use the best material and the appropriate technology, optimized for metal shredding, for each application: alloyed and manganese steels, forged steel, rolled steel. Alloyed steels are mainly used for hammers (with differential heat treatment), rotor protection caps, wear plates, anvils. Manganese steels are mainly used for gratings (top and bottom) and wear segments, ejection doors. Forged steels are mainly used for hammer pins.Rolled steels are mainly used for wear plates and long-life rotor protection caps (welded part).

Shredder wear parts

LINDEMANN owns hundreds of wear part casting patterns for current and former generations of different shredder types (hammers, anvils, grids and segments, rotor protection caps, ejection doors, wear plates etc.)
DHT hammers made of low alloy castings
  • Extended tool life thanks to an excellent wear resistance
  • Proven efficiency and reliability thanks to a good ratio of hardness and toughness
  • Durability
    The special alloy is harder in key areas to help maintain the original shape of the hammer for as long as possible, resulting in a longer hammer life.
  • Efficiency
    Our alloy hammer is more forgiving in the right spots – offering the hardness of the alloy and better tolerance against non-shreddables. They undergo a special heat treatment that makes them gentle on the hammer pins but hard on scrap.
  • Reliability
    Our alloy hammer requires less frequent maintenance intervals and delivers a lower cost- per-ton at the end of the life cycle.
Gratings, segments
  • Available with different openings, suitable for different operation fields (mixed scrap, cooling scrap, etc.)
  • Our cast qualities with excellent wear characteristics are available for all our shredder sizes, for current and former shredder generations
Anvils made of low alloy castings
  • Anvils made of low alloy castings means extended tool life and excellent reliability
Rotor protection caps
  • Different technologies – cast or welded – are used depending on the shredder size and operation. Lindemann invented the welded protection cap made of abrasion resistant steel.

A welded rotor protection cap

A cast rotor protection cap

Hammer pins
  • Available in 2 qualities: Power and Long Life
  • Power is the cost-effective solution with standard performance
  • Long Life provides an extended tool life compared to the standard quality
Wear Plates
  • Cast or made of rolled steel
  • Cast wear plates are usually thicker and used in high impact areas
  • Abrasion resistant rolled steel is used in areas subject to high friction

A rolled wear plate

A cast wear plate

Ejection doors
  • These are usually cast from manganese steel offering good impact resistance and toughness values

Shredder spare parts

The same attention is also given to our critical spare parts. Quality and availability, to ensure your installation keeps running.
Shredder feed roller
  • A shredder feed roller stocked in one of our distribution centers


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